Workshops 2020




Kloster Himmerod (Eifel, Germany) 2020

[27.-29.3, 8.-10.5, 19. -21.6 now cancelled]

Not cancelled: 28. -30.8, 25.-27.9, 23.-25.10, 20.-22.11  CANCELLED

More info: Reise zu Dir DE  


Buddha's Livingroom 3.-5.4 2020, Annaberger Str. 21

53175 Bonn (Germany) CANCELLED


Ireland tour 21.-28.4, 2020 - (NL+USA). ->>> NEW DATES 22.-28.9  NOW CANCELLED

A small group will go to Ireland this year to visit some 'thin places', places of power and of course to sample the local Guinness. I will be taking my travelling drum to guide the group on inner journeys at 'thin places' of power. 

More info vai the button at the bottom of the page.


Ireland tour 11.-17.5, 2020 - German speaking group. CANCELLED 


Journey to you, Douai Abbey, Reading (UK) CANCELLED

05.-07.6 2020


Journey to you, Turvey Abbey, Bedford (UK) CANCELLED

10.-12.7 2020


Reise zu Dir 

Missiehuis St. Michael, Steyl, Limburg (Netherlands) CANCELLED

13.-15.10 2020