'Windhorse' can be understood in two ways.


Firstly, and more specifically, in the sense of a spirit-horse. A windhorse is the transport for a spirit-journey into the inner landscape of another person or animal. Windhorse in this sense is the ability to make a diagnostic exploration on behalf of the person requesting it. It can also be a requested for a friend or family member. It enables the rider to "see" where the other person is, what they may need at that particular point in time and perhaps on different levels. The opportunity to attempt a healing intervention may even present itself.


Windhorse is a skill taught or 'shown' directly by a personal spirit-ally. However there is no guarantee of success. I therefore offer this service with no charge if there nothing to see or do, to help. A photograph of the person for whom the journey is understaken is requested, but not essential. The fee is £50, and the service is subject to a medical advice disclaimer to be read here:



Secondly, and more generally, 'windhorse' can be meant in the pyschological sense of good fortune and balance ('in the riding seat'). Life force and energy flow is referred to as windhorse is the positive flow of basic goodness and confidence. We connect with it through meditation practice, when we practice openness with a warrior's bravery.