Training for mastery 


Training in mastery refers to re-gaining mastery over your life. This does not mean that you will be able to dictate what happens, but that you will always be able to maintain your mastery in what happens. Training is offered in a series of modules, different entry points to what is ultimately the same inner strength. 


Inner journeying 


- explore your inner landscape

- contact your inner guides 


Second sight 


- see beyond the veil of illusion

- free yourself for spiritual practice 




- become a warrior 

- align with your inner being 



Celtic deity yoga


- mantra work

- visualise of the 'deity'


Existential questions


- where does the world come from?

- what's the purpose of life?  


Nature spirits


- join your tribe

- discover drala energy  




- find your personal longing

- bring it into your life now





- how did I learn to be this way?

- emotional and identity imprints




Inner child


- retrieve the inner child

- rebalance for maturity 




For teachers:

the Order of the Longing Look



Training in mastery is possible without going on to become a teacher. However, for those who feel inspired, I have established the Order of the Longing Look (OLL). It is intended for those who wish to go further and teach others as Drala priests. 


The Order is a discreet fellowship that honours the vibration of an ancient Celtic lineage. A wisdom lineage founded on the premise that all people are equally innocent no matter what they have done in their lives. This is a different way of looking at life (second sight), and points to our potential mastery in it. 


The Drala priest serves others as a guide, walking both in the apparent reality of the world as we know it, and the ‘Otherworld’, or non-ordinary reality.  As wandering teachers, they are fiercely independent, bonded only by respect and affection for one another's mastery in second sight, the view from above the battleground. Drala means energy above aggression. And Drala priests are warriors in the war on aggression.


The name ‘Order of the Longing Look’ was revealed to me in a vivid revelation akin to a terma* while still a contemplative (Trappist) monk in vows in 2010. 



*Terma means 'mind treasure'