The Order of the Longing Look


I would like to introduce here the Order of the Longing Look. The Order of the Longing Look (OLL) is an Order established for the formation of a new  fellowship that specifically holds high the Druidic/wizard vibration. The logical definition or description for this is deliberately not filled in. It is felt as an emotional vibration. However, as a pseudo-monastic cristo-buddhist priesthood, it is founded on the premise that all people are equally innocent no matter what they have done in their lives.


This order of 'free-range monks' teaches pure non-dualism, formless meditation, shamanic practices, deity yoga and useful basic vibrational principles of the Law of Attraction. Any reference to the Celtic Christian and Buddhist traditions are made only in so far as these illustrate and promote the necessary change in perspective, a shift in the way of looking at the world. All this is grounded firmly on results-based experience rather than excessive theory or wishful-thinking.


Student OLL teachers learn to interpret life according to their new way of looking at it, and to walk in the two worlds of 'apparent reality' and what is called the ‘Otherworld’, or non-ordinary reality. The OLL’s inspiration springs from the peaceful energy stream of Columcille, a Celtic saint gifted with second (or Druidic) sight. 


Priesthood is understood here not in the sense of priests with parishes in a hierarchical structure, but more as wandering teachers who are largely independent. The pseudo-monastic element requires temporary withdrawal from old familiar thoughts patterns to make room for radical news ones. As such, training emphasizes the power of the mind. Practice paves the way to the unconditional love that marks  the clear light and vibration of a teacher.


The name ‘Order of the Longing Look’ was revealed to me in a vivid revelation while a contemplative (Trappist) monk in vows in 2010.