The Order of the Longing Look


I would like to introduce here the Order of the Longing Look. The Order of the Longing Look (OLL) is an Order established for the formation of a new cristobuddhist clergy who look at things differently and teach pure non-dualism. Reference to the Celtic Christian and Buddhist traditions are made only in so far as these illustrate this change in perspective and so also in interpretation of spirituality. Pure non-dualism is based on the inherent innocence of all.


Student OLL teachers learn to interpret life according to pure non-dualism, and to walk in two worlds: apparent reality and what is called the ‘Otherworld’, or non-ordinary reality. The OLL’s inspiration springs from the peaceful energy stream of Columcille, a Celtic saint gifted with second sight (Druidic sight). 


Clergy is understood here not in the sense of priests with parishes in a hierarchical structure, but more as wandering teachers who are largely independent. 


The name ‘Order of the Longing Look’ was revealed to me in a night-time revelation while a contemplative monk in vows in 2010.