Hello dear Aindriú,

Many, many thanks you for the last weekend. I enjoyed it and I feel really good. Thank you for your help with my questions, I feel really good and my trust in my spiritual helpers has strengthened. Many thanks :-)  Gertrud


My dear friend. You have had a long development from your youth to be where you are now. Through many years of experience, you are now an excellent guide in the Otherworld. Continue on with your successful workshops so that many more people can have you as a guide.

With Love, Anne-Marie



 Aindriú has a capacity, unique in my experience, of presenting inner stress in vivid, cartoon-like drawings, very different from the typical art products of many I have worked with. His dream-work, likewise, characteristically presents vivid, simple imagery within what can be complex patterns.

Rev. Basil E. Hobbs

Retired Consultant, Clinical Theology Association, Retired Chaplain to the British Army


Hi Andrew, 

I'd like to describe to you, what this weekend felt like to me. This time it seemed,  that we / I received emanations (?) and impulses from you on 3 different levels:

 - the realm of nature spirit helpers

- the quest, persuing truth/god

- the intention of, and sometimes longing for, overcoming ego-attachment, the cleansing of the heart. Your influence comes by being, though it's really interesting when you talk too. But talking wouldn't do it alone. I think, this is what our group appreciates so dearly. You speak about what you really know. The Tibetans call it "born from the marrow of the bone" - by effort and pain. Looking forward to you coming back to Himmerod, Annette


 Hi Driú,

Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend, I really enjoyed it. The magical place of Himmerod, the group and especially your guidance. I very much enjoyed our meditations and dream trips and it was amazing to feel and see a lot of answers. Sunday was a breakthrough for me in more than one way. I am confronted with a situation in my life right now where I just need to learn to trust and not overdo things. Thank you so much your spirit and your stillness has made this weekend one of the best of my life. Best in the sense of authentic, true and self exploring. Looking forward to joining one of your trips again and as you said reconnect with my inner child. Thanks more than I can say, Jens  


Hello Aindriú,

I would like to thank you again for this weekend. I didn't have any big expectations about it, but what I have seen and experienced on my three journeys has been gigantic and has shaken me very much. At the same time, I am infinitely grateful. I hardly dare to express it in words. I know now what I have to do and all other decisions will follow by themselves. Michaela



Thank you dear Driú, I really enjoyed it! A lot of time for myself, for meditation and a harmonious get-together. Lots of nature and sunshine :) Keep it up ... Many thanks to you and the group. Heidi


It was a wonderful experience and excellently run by you Andrew. Thank you for the great time!  Petra