"Andrew has a capacity, unique in my experience, of presenting inner stress in vivid, cartoon-like drawings - very different from the typical art products of many I have worked with. His dream-work, likewise, characteristically presents vivid, simple imagery within what can be complex patterns."


(The Rev.) Basil E. Hobbs

Retired Consultant, Clinical Theology Association

Retired Chaplain to the British Army



My dear friend. You have had a long development from your youth to be where you are now. Through many years of experience, you are now an excellent guide in the Otherworld. Continue on with your successful workshops so that many more people can have you as a guide.

With Love,





Hello Andrew,

I would like to thank you again for this weekend. I didn't have any big expectations about it, but what I have seen and experienced on my three journeys has been gigantic and has shaken me very much.

At the same time, I am infinitely grateful. I hardly dare to express it in words. I know now what I have to do and all other decisions will follow by themselves.





Hello dear Andrew,

Many, many thanks you for the last weekend. I enjoyed it and I feel really good. Thank you for your help with my questions, I feel really good and my trust in my spiritual helpers has strengthened. Many thanks :-)