Trance journeying


Everyone will have their own experience in trance work. I offer guidance and support until each person learns how to journey by themselves into the inner landscape, where they can find local Drala energies, nature spirits and personal spirit-allies, or make contact with the ancestors. In order to do this, a light trance is induced and maintained by the sound of a drum. It replicates the sound of the heart in the womb and relaxes the mind. Later on, if the 'non-ordinary' relationships mature in trust, drumming is not needed. The trance journey can be the first step towards buiding a loving relationship with unseen energies always there for us, yielding concrete results on choices made in 'ordinary reality'. This is initiation and empowerment for living a fully connected life. 


There are regular workshops in the U.K. and places in Europe (see Agenda page), and guidance is also offered 1:1 online. 


Solve the distance issue


In programmes of varying length, I introduce a simple but deeply effective change in your perspective, or way of seeing,  based on your deepest longing. This longing has the potential to dispel even the slightest discomfort, disquiet, or fear.  


There is no loss of energetic support and presence through distance sessions. In fact there is often a deeper connection without the distraction of physical appearance. It's important to have privacy for your session and to relax and prepare, as is a time for integration afterwards.


Prices are tailored to your personal circumstances and needs. Sessions are distance by Skype or telephone, so you will need a Skype account. If you live locally, you may be invited for an in-person session.



  • Initial orientation session
  • Single guidance session
  • Four-Session Series (meet once a week)
  • Six-Month Series (meet twice a month)
  • One year Apprenticeship Programme (meet twice a month)



We cannot change what happens to us in life and the challenges we face in it, but we can change our EXPERIENCE of it, and that is what counts. When we learn to put the mind in its proper perspective, we take charge of cause, instead of being at the mercy of effect. We can experience that we are not alone.



“Aster” means astral. Disaster means not being connected to that higher place that knows better. That higher place may come to us in symbols and living energies fron another world. The best way to stay connected with these is to learn how to dis-spel that which seems to have the power to disconnect you.