SECOND SIGHT & mental health


Mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue in today's world, especially among young people looking for meaning in it and trying to maintain their mental balance. Inevitably they first seek it in the world itself. As depicted in the yin-yang symbol however, balance can only be achieved by holding opposites in a creative and healthy tension. The world's opposite is the ability to abstract wholly and completley from it. This can be achieved by meditation and asking intelligent questions.


For adults too, hopelessness often remains in some shape or form a necessary stage on the journey to the enlightenment. The limited thinking-system of the ego is being replaced. But beyond the wall of despair, the deepest longing of the heart is able to bring us back home. 'Home' as not outside of us, in a sea of projections where everything is constantly changing. Home as in the origin of the mind that caused the projection.


Q&A's about the meaning of life - is based on the idea that everyone can learn from everyone, and that positive energy can flow through such meeting at a deeper level than the ordinary. Thinking can best be employed to work with and not against the search for authentic spirituality and mental balance.  Finding the right questions is a huge step forward.