& sanity

(mental health)


The Order of the Longing Look introduces a way of looking at the world that can turn our ideas about it on their head. Its radical perspective can make sense of what often feels like its insanity and cruelty. Issues around mental health are becoming increasingly important, especially among young people. Inevitably they first seek it in the world itself, in materialism. For adults too, the times can threaten our mental balance.


The deepest longing of the heart retains the power to bring us home to peace. As suggested in the yin-yang symbol, balance can only be achieved by holding opposites together. The world's balancing opposite is pure spirit or soul. When the mind has learnt all its forgiveness lessons, it awakens to pure formless spirit, and becomes fearless.



Fire in the head


The 'Song of Amergin' is considered one of the oldest of Irish literary works:


I am the wind that blows across the sea

I am a wave of the deep

I am the roar of the ocean

I am the stag of seven battles

I am a hawk on the cliff

I am a ray of sunlight

I am the greenest of plants

I am the wild boar

I am a salmon in the river

I am a lake on the plain

I am the word of knowledge

I am the point of a spear

I am the lure beyond the ends of the earth

I am the god who fashions fire in the head


The last line can be paraphrased: "I am the fire of imagination" and refers to the visionary imagination. The Celts believed that the soul was immortal and that the door to it was through the eye in the head. As a shamanic symbol, the skull is not merely empty, but is emptied to be filled with the fire of imagination through the so-called 'third eye'. The Celts appreciated the shamanic view that energy or magic resides in everything. The vibrational nature of the universe is fluid and true personal identity is not limited to skin and ego.