shamanic connection

& 'second sight'



The purpose of Shamanic Druidry, as taught in the Order of the Longing Look, is to find and build out a network of 'seen' allies within three elements or landscapes in the Otherworld. This is done in an attempt to establish heart-to-heart relationships with said allies, who symbolize the higher and wiser parts of the mind, inaccessible to rational thought. These contacts may grow and develop with time, and can be relied upon to increase confidence in the person in the ordinary world. Clarity in decision making, inner strength and lasting peace can all be the fruit of working with our inner allies in the ancient lineage of the Merlin. 



Three ways of looking



what appears to be (mindfulness, awareness)

what doesn't appear to be (shamanic sight)

and what truly IS (Druidic or 'second sight')





& warriorship



Meditation creates space for the subconscious mind to show itself. It takes the bravery of a warrior to completely open up to yourself, and to face the shadow. This basic human courage goes to the root of the world's problems, as it starts at the only place where change is truly possible: with yourself.





inner journeying

& unseen allies



Journeying into your unique inner landscape to make the first step towards building a network of loving relationships with unseen allies, waiting there for you. These journeys can be the start of living a 'connected life', yielding concrete results in 'ordinary reality'.






second sight

& sanity (mental health)



The Celtic tradition of Anam Cara (lit: soul friend) frameworks the insights gathered in mutual inquiry and spiritual friendship. By re-wiring the mind, we can learn to see beyong the veil of appearances, to the only 'real' reality beyond all visible forms, even those of 'non-ordinary reality'.