The Order of the Longing Look

"There is no world"



Training in meditation (warriorship) is basic to the Longing Look, but for those who feel inspired to go on to teach others, I have founded the Order of the Longing Look (OLL). This name was given to me in an extremely vivid revelation while still living as a contemplative (Trappist) monk in vows in 2010. This order proclaims that "There is no world" and approaches what we take to be reality from the perspective of time. It explains this bold statement and show how to dissolve time into timelessness. Time and eternity are both in the mind, and will conflict until we perceive time solely as a means to regain eternity.


The OLL is a discreet fellowship aligning with an ancient wisdom lineage in the Merlin tradition, and gathers under the protection of the god Taranis, known by many names across Europe, whose thunder and lightning symbolizes a reversal of ego-thinking. We believe this shortens the path to freedom. 


Being struck by the lightning of insight (understanding the teaching, but also living it), opens the eyes to look with 'second sight', illuminating the path to mastery. Thundering determination is needed to perservere on the path to total freedom. Beyond meditation, members of the OLL are introduced to this radically new mind-training. Self study makes up an important part of this.



Proficiency allows members of the OLL serve as guides for others. Long experienced in meditation, they have also learned to walk both in the apparent reality of the 'ordinary' world, and in the ‘Otherworld’, or non-ordinary reality. They are fiercely independent yet never competitive, bonded in a fellowship of mutual respect.