The Order of the Longing Look

- Reformed Celtic Buddhism -



Training in meditation (warriorship) is supported in the Order of the Longing Look (OLL). This name was given to me in a dramatically vivid revelation while still living as a contemplative (Trappist) monk in vows in 2010. 


The OLL holds a new vision for Celtic Buddhism. It is Reformed Celtic Buddhism. A reform of Celtic Buddhism as that is currently envisioned. Never a religion, rather a discreet fellowship aligning itself with the magical green wisdom-lineage of Columcille, and enjoying the protection of the Celtic god Taranis, known by many names across Europe. His thunder and lightning symbolize the reversal of ego-thinking. Central to the Order's teaching is the outrageous statement, "there is no world." 


Group members of the OLL are introduced to this radical mind-training. Self study makes up an important part of this. Proficiency allows teachers in the Order to serve others as guides. Independent yet never competitive, members are bonded in a fellowship of mutual respect.