The Order of the Longing Look


Training is possible without going on to become a teacher. However, for those who feel inspired, I founded the Order of the Longing Look (OLL). It is intended for those who wish to go on to teach others. 


The Order is a discreet fellowship that uses the vibration of an ancient Celtic lineage. A wisdom lineage founded on the premise that all people are innocent no matter what they have done in their lives. This is a radical change in perspective, a totally different way of looking at life called 'second sight', and points to our potential mastery in it.


Members serve others as a guides, and have learned to walk both in the apparent reality of the world as we know it, and the ‘Otherworld’, or non-ordinary reality.  As wandering teachers, they are fiercely independent, bonded only by respect and affection for one another's mastery in second sight, the view from above the battleground. 


The name ‘Order of the Longing Look’ was given to me in a vivid revelation while still a contemplative (Trappist) monk in vows in 2010.