Online modules


First steps on an ancient path


Each course is uniquely tailored to the student's requirements. All will include an introduction to the topic, a demo, practice & implementation, and a roadmap for the future. 


One-to-one inner journeying  

- every two weeks for six months

- bring back hidden treasure to this lif-

Existential questions

- where does the world come from?

- what's the purpose of life?


- what true meditation is

- aligning with your inner being




- how we learnt to be this way

- upgrading emotional and identity imprints




Start by taking an explorative inner journey


I will guide you on an inner journey into new landscapes and inner chambers to discover gifts hidden there, gifts and insights that you can bring back with you to use in your 'ordinary' life. 


Book a chat and we'll find out what best suits you and your current situation.