Formless meditation

& warriorship



By meditation is meant: formless meditation. That is, meditation without content. It is not a guided meditation accompanied by words or music. Following the breath in silence is the starting point. The experience of mindfulness naturally expands and is further refined into awareness, which is finally filled with tremendous conviction, without pretence.  Meditation creates space for the subconscious mind to show itself. It takes the bravery of a warrior to completely open like this, and to face the unconscious. This basic human courage goes to the root of the world's problems, as it starts at the only place where change is possible - with ourselves. It is not the monopoly of any one culture or society but exists in all cultures, whether West or East, North or South.



"The definition of warriorship is fearlessness and gentleness. Those are your weapons."


"The genuine warrior becomes truly gentle because there is no enemy at all."

"When we speak of fearlessness, we are describing a positive state of being full of delight and cheerfulness, with sparkling eyes and good posture. This state of being is not dependent on any external circumstance. When you practice meditation, that brings the beginning of the beginning of this experience. Then, when you leave the meditation hall and go out and relate with the rest of reality, you will find out what kind of joy is needed and what kind of joy is expendable. The experience of joy may be a momentary experience, or it could last a long time. In any case, this joy is an eye opener. You are no longer shy of seeing the world. You find that the joy of warriorship is always needed."


- Chogyam Trungpa, meditation teacher