& warriorship


Meditation is understood here as formless meditation.


This means sitting down and opening up to all that is in you in that moment, without the accompaniment of any music or words. This direct from of mediatation therefore requires the bravery and determination of a warrior.


Central to meditation is the discovery and knowledge of the Self, or spirit. The Original Self is whole, one, and not lacking in anything. There is a choice to be made between that which is transient and that which is unchanging or spirit. There are two ways of looking at and interpreting the world and only one is true. The response of the warrior is not to attempt to correct outward behaviour, where so many religions seem to lay the emphasis. The warrior goes to the root of the matter and does not play with the branches. 



Our emotions may then serve as mirrors in which we may discover the way to transmute passion into the wisdom of being. In the Celtic mindset, emotions are understood as expressions of nature, of the elements – fire, water, air, earth and space. The practice of opening to the rawness of our inner passion can lead to the transmutation of it, and the deepening of wisdom as egoless being, which is peace. Skillful practice leads the warrior to finally awaken, not in the dream, but from it.

This is a path of fearlessness with regard to one’s own heart, complete openness. Celtic empowerment is built upon this deeply positive view of human beings, nature and spirit. Anyone who seeks to face up to the truth of themselves is essentially a warrior. 


Meditation is an ancient tradition that will enable us to get back in the saddle of our life and, without becoming egotistic, become master of it.