Inner journeying

& unseen allies


Everyone has their own exeprience on an inner journey. I gently guide you into your unique inner lanscape, where you can meet with your personal helpers, guides or ancestors, and begin to build a bond with them, an alliance of friendship. Or we can go search for your power-animal. All are there to help us.


I offer guidance and support until each person learns how to journey by themselves and, connected to their higher, wiser intuitions, to become fully independent.


The sound of the drum replicates the sound of the heart in the womb and relaxes the mind. Later on, if the 'non-ordinary' relationships mature in trust, drumming is not needed. These journeys can be the first step towards buiding a loving relationship with unseen beings always there for us, producing concrete results in choices made in 'ordinary reality'. They empower you to live a 'connected life'. 


We cannot change what happens to us nor the challenges we face on earth, but we can change our EXPERIENCE of it, and that is what counts. When we learn to see with proper perspective, we take charge of cause, instead of being at the mercy of effect. Through inner journeying, we can experience that we are not alone.



“Aster” means astral. Disaster therfore means not being connected to that higher place in the mind that knows better, which is wiser, more intuitive. The best aid to stay connected is to learn how to dis-spel that which seems to have the power to disconnect you.