& transience


Waking up in the morning is always different and sometimes it’s like being physically grabbed in the chest. The bottom falls out of the world and the pain of existence floods my heart. Looking out of the window this morning, I see two crows on the roof across the street basking in the sun. With the winter coming, they don’t have many prospects, yet they seem content.


Whether we know it or not, I believe that we are all struggling with the fact of transience, the question of our own existence. The question is implicit in the knowledge of our own mortality, a foreknowledge apparently not given to crows.



When we finally admit that nothing works, that there must be a better way, a crack appears through which the light can enter...                      


Beyond the apparent hopelessness, there is the light and fire of the spirit. No matter what we have done in our lives or what has happened to us, this fire is always there to remind us of who we really are and get us back on track. The stillness and silence of meditation reveals this light always burning within if we but care to look, a light that burns of itself.


The fire of longing sheds its light of truth on what is going on in our lives, in our relationships, churches, groves and sanghas, in the religious and secular world. As the source of ‘pro-active’ compassion and forgiveness, it holds the possibility of reform. It is therefore extremely relevant and to the point.