General terms and conditions of training


General terms and conditions in your development towards an independent shamanic practitioner in the Celtic tradition.



1. Some explanatory words used in the general conditions.


Application form: a form made available by the training programme (Program) that interested parties can use to register.

Candidate: the natural person who has applied but has not yet received an admission confirmation or rejection.

Student: the natural person who is registered as such for the study programme after registration and admission confirmation.


Final assignment: the final assignments of the module. This is an assignment formulated by the Program, in which the knowledge, insight and skills of the Student are tested.


2. Validity of the General Terms and Conditions. If by a court decision a provision or several provisions of these General Terms and Conditions were declared invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions.


3. Registration and admission

3.1 In order to be registered as a Student, the registration form provided must be completed. Requests using documents other than the registration form will not be processed.

3.2 The registration form must be filled in completely and truthfully and submitted to the specified address in good time before the indicated date.

3.3 On the basis of the information provided in the registration form received, if deemed desirable by the programme, contact can be made with the candidate for further information.

3.4 The coordinator decides on the admissibility of the candidate. Criteria for assessing the admissibility of the candidate include motivation and the ability to connect theory and practice. If admission is not granted, the candidate will receive a letter stating the reasons for the rejection. In all other cases, the candidate will receive an admission confirmation.

3.5 After receipt of an admission confirmation as formulated in Article 3.4, the registration is final.


4. Invoicing and payment

4.1 After the final registration for the Program, Student will receive an invoice at the address specified by him. The invoice is made on the basis of the amount that is due for the Training, based on the payment method indicated by Student on the registration form.

4.2 The invoice must be paid within thirty days after the invoice date.

4.3 If the Student does not indicate a choice for the payment method on the registration form, he / she will be deemed to have made a choice for payment in one go.


5. Obligations of the Longing Look (OLL)

5.1 OLL commits itself to a careful registration procedure for all interested parties.

5.2 OLL undertakes to carefully supervise and train the Student.

5.3 OLL provides the Student with access to the online learning environment (if required) for following and completing the Course.

5.4 OLL provides a student who has registered for the entire study program or a limited number of modules with a partial certificate after the Student has satisfied the provisions of articles 6.1 and 6.3 of these conditions for that module, and after a positive assessment by the Training has been issued.


6. Student obligations

6.1 The student is obliged attend two one-hour sessions per month, unless sickness, unavoidable circumstance or mutual mutual consent these be delayed.

6.2 The student submits to any assignements required by the Program.

6.3 The student pays the full training costs.

6.4 The student takes an active position during training, contributes his own experiences and reflects on them.

6.5 The student only uses the casuistry that became known to him during the course within the framework of the Course, unless the information has already entered the public domain via paper or electronic media.


7. Final assignments

7.1 The results of final assignments are only valid if a lecturer designated by the Program has reviewed and assessed the assignment.

7.2 The student must submit the Final Assignments of any relevant module within two years after the start of a module. In individual cases, the Coordinator of the Training can extend this period.

7.3 If the Student objects to the assessment of a Final Assignment, the Student can lodge an objection with the relevant teacher. 


8. Intellectual Property Rights.

All intellectual property rights to the course material are and remain with OLL or with the owner of the intellectual property right. The Student can use the course material for the Program, but is not entitled to copy the course material other than for his own use. The OLL grants the Student the right to use the course material and indemnifies the Student for the use thereof.


9. Cancellation

9.1 For fewer than 5 students, a workshop is either cancelled or moved to a new date. Upon cancellation, the amount paid will be reimbursed.

9.2 In the event that the Student does not start the Program after the final registration, the amount of one month is due.

9.3 In the event that the Student terminates the Training in the meantime, it will only be reimbursed that the Student has paid or credited the amount still due insofar as this relates to Program sections that have not yet started and for which the registration period has not expired.


10. General

The OLL publishes these general terms and conditions on its website. OLL is entitled to change the general terms and conditions. Changes are announced on the OLL website and are valid for 3 months after the publication date. These general terms and conditions are governed by English law.