Otherworld initiation

 Shamanic Druidry


The emphasis in this training is not the drum, ritual or any other physical tool. These are secondary things that can be bought, made, read about etc elsewhere. The main purpose of this year is primarily to find and establish a heart-relationship with your personal spirit-allies, and to learn how to work with them. This is potentially life-changing.


If they so chose, they will begin to work with you and teach you directly. Issues of trust will arise along the way, and it takes time before 100% confidence is reached. This why support is very beneficial, if not essential.


The goal of the course is for the apprentice to come to rely on these allies alone, and so become independent. If your spirit-allies do not chose you for the path of service, they will still aid you as guides, protectors and allies in your life-challenges.. You will know yourself as guided at all times, never alone again.


This year has the following elements:


- Basic meditation practice

- Journeying into the inner landscape: the three worlds

- Meeting your personal spirit-allies

- Building a heart-relationship with them and inviting them into your everyday life

- Finding your power-animal

- Journeying for others

- Introduction to 'second sight'


The training is on an individually-tailored 1:1 basis online, in the Celtic tradition of Anam Cara (Soul Friend). This means walking closely with the student, who will be able to benefit from my own journey down the same path they are taking. In the breakthroughs that will arise, I will be present with insight and support. This ensures a high quality of training and authentic results.


The one year course includes participation in a tour of 'thin places' or power spots at ancient Celtic sites in Ireland.


- Preliminary interview(s) for mutual working compatibility (free)

- Two one-hour consultations per month for 12 months @ £120 per session, £2880 + £1000 Irish tour (excl. flights)

- Full access and support between sessions

- Incl. attendance at a workshop of choice (excl. the venue's costs) - see Workshops page