Celtic meditation training and certification


The Longing Look offers a one year basic training in sitting and walking meditation in the Celtic tradition. The training is on a private 1:1 basis and can be done online.


Certification does NOT pre-suppose any previous experience in meditation. As everyone meditates for themselves, long experience is useful in a teacher, but not necessary. No teacher ever becomes an expert in how someone else meditates. Teacher certification content is likewise unique to every individual.


I will be available to support teachers in difficult issues that may arise. Accreditation enables the successful trainee to teach meditation as a member of  the Siege, and be supported by its group members.


Siege is the collective noun for herons. 


The training is based on observing nature and in particular the hunting style of the heron; stillness. If you are to catch a fish, it is necessary to be a master of stillness. The water in which the heron fishes is his/her own pool. Many creatures come to drink at this pool but the heron remains focused on just one goal throughout. That requires determination and patience.


The one year course includes a tour of 'thin places' or power spots at ancient Celtic sites in Ireland.  



The Celtic love of 'journeying' yet 'longing' for home make for a fluid and flexible style of teaching independent of any written historical tradition or religious hierarchy. Teaching meditation becomes more a question of shared personal life-experience and a wise grasp of what can happen on the journey into stillness.  While supporting the meditator's (warrior's) spiritual practice, Siege teachers continually deepen their personal insight, and speed their own journey to inner peace.