Mind training


By nature, we are inherently rich. Even the poorest man in the material world is a "penniless millionaire". This wealth has nothing to do with wealth or health, but to hear this is not the same as to know it. This is why practice is so important. Practice brings with it the experience of wealth and innocence. 


Practice starts with looking differently at the world, at everything that appears before our eyes, in order to interpret it in a completely different way. The essence of this is a new form of mental forgiveness, which enables the practitioner to see others as they truly are and so not take things personally. In this way the practioner sets him or herself free from the ego-thought system based on judgment.


Even though energy is an illusion, it's very much part of how the ego takes the script that's in the mind and transmutes it from invisible thought into invisible but measurable forms, and then into the visible manifestations we see and experience. The good news isn't that energy can be changed, but that the mind that made it can be changed.


Forgiveness is the defining mark of the spiritual warrior who is victorious over him/herself and overcome all projections of the unconscious. Look at the battles of life, you see now that they are only really in your own mind. Out there, nothing is happening. There is no world!



Intro-lessons to an ancient path


Each lesson of the course (4 lessons long) consists of a lecture or exposition of the topic, a demo, practice & implementation and a roadmap for the future. 


Inner journeying  

- explore your inner landscape

- find your personal unseen allies 

Existential questions

- where does the world come from?

- what's the purpose of life?  



- true meditation

- align with your inner being





- find authentic presence

- accelerate spiritual practice




Explorative shamanic journey


I guide you on a journey into various new landscapes and inner chambers to discover gifts hidden there, gifts and insights that you can bring back with you to use in your 'ordinary' life. 



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