Once upon a time, I lived in a silent enclosed community as a contemplative monk (Trappist). This 21 year voyage through my inner landscape brought healing and insight, and finally, lasting peace.


In 2011, I left the monastery after a powerful vision showing that my place was back out in the world, helping where I can. I have a strong and strange connection with the line of Columcille, described by some as the 'last Irish Druid', and with those of his ancient lineage.


It is a joy to share my experience with others, show them the door to their own inner landscape, and be a guide on the path to a "connected life".


Shamanic Druidry


Shamanic Druidry is the name given to teaching in the Order of the Longing Look. This teaching is shared primarily through a 1:1 year-long accompaniment, in the Celtic 'Anam Cara' style.


In 2011, shortly after leaving the monastery, I was initiated into shamanic journeying by an Irish shaman on the west coast of Ireland, near Sligo. This put me in touch with my primary unseen ally, with whom I still work to this day, and who later taught me Windhorse journeying directly.


It seems to be so that the spirits choose us to work with, and not the other way round.


Following the guidance of two other people in the Netherlands, I have been able to further build out my interior network of shamanic connections. Yet it was to take years before my trust in these allies became 100%, and once or twice along the way, I tried to walk away.


This shamanic experience is mapped and now framed by what the Order of the Longing Look calls the Druidic way of looking, or 'second sight'. This doesn't concern itself with ritual or herbs or any other aspects now associated with mainstream Druidry and available in other courses in many other places. It confines itself to the empowerment that comes from 'second sight'. Only after leaving the monastery, in regular discussions with a man I am no longer able to trace, did I discover the direction that was to finally make sense of my long contemplative formation as a monk.