"Once upon a time I lived in a silent enclosed community as a contemplative monk (Trappist). This long voyage through my inner landscape brought healing and insight, and finally, lasting peace. I have a particularly strong connection with the line of Columcille, described by some as the 'last Irish Druid', and with those of his ancient lineage, originating from the West and the time of Atlantis. I left the monastery in 2011 after a powerful vision showing that my place was back out in the world, helping where I could in my own way."  Aindriú


Aindriú was a Trappist monk for 21 years. His Buddhist practice preceeded and continued to develop even after entry into this Roman Catholic monastic order, leading him to a monastery where he could follow an intensive koan training while still an enclosed Christian monk. After leaving the monastery, he trained further in Guru Yoga and began to generate his own Celtic Dharma.


Perhaps because he is half-Irish, Aindriú always felt deeply drawn by the Celtic tradition. Unable to recognize himself in anything 'out there', and inspired by a vision as a monk, he founded the Order of the Longing Look.


Breaking with both formal Buddhism, Christianity and modern Druidry, he had made a "clearing in the woods" for something new He now teaches in the Celtic School of Buddhism and shares the insights of Shamanic Druidry via workshops and online.