Hello, my name is  Aindriú, and once upon a time I lived in a silent enclosed community as a contemplative monk (Trappist). This 21 year voyage through my inner landscape brought healing and insight, and finally, lasting peace.


I left the monastery after a powerful vision showing that my place was back out in the world, helping where I can. After some training in Ireland to get me on my way, I began to work directly with my spirit-allies, who have been guiding me ever since. I have a particularly strong connection with the line of Columcille, described by some as the 'last Irish Druid', and with those of his ancient lineage. This lineage is different in that it originates from Atlantis.


I have a relaxed and humorous style of teaching, in the Anam Cara tradition, one that includes feeble jokes and a drink. It is a joy to share my experience, help find the door of to your own inner landscape, and be a guide to living a heart-warming "connected life".


Longing & the Celtic tradition of 'journey'



The Celtic Mysteries offer an ancient path enveloped by mists of bewilderment that obscure the goal and discourage the merely passive seeker. A guide has knowledge of the landscape and offers help and encouragement to penetrate these mists. 



"A secret fire must be kindled to illumine the way: the fire of longing. This fire ignites the traveller's own conscious, inner activity. My task as guide is to show how to draw the power of this fire into your daily life. This in the service of humanity and earth's ascension into higher vibrational states, finally even beyond all of them..."