Welcome to

The Order of the Longing Look



Above all else,

the best thing we possess,

is our longing



Are you master or mistress of your life

or is your life getting away from you?

Are you losing touch with yourself?


Until now, life has been just about manageable. Even though the cost was sometimes high. Now a tension is back, threatening to disrupt the balance. Perhaps it is time to take a step back, back to the basics.



Take the time to come back to you


My name is Dru and I offer 1: 1 personal journeys into your unique inner landscape to the sound of my drum with its deep and gentle tone. I have had much success helping people with this drum.


The sense of security that it gives, safeguards the journey back to your deepest longing and inspiration.


On the way, there is a chance to review and perhaps dramatically improve, your quality of life, in terms of meaning, relationships, work and health.


I am experienced as both a meditation and inner journey teacher and wish to help others by making this experience available. 

Life coaching or spiritual mentoring on their own  fall short. Life coaching and spiritual mentoring can be temporarily helpful, yet do not offer a permanent solution, in which obstacles hidden in the mind are uncovered and released. The Power of NowMindfulness training or Vipassana similarly fail to deliver long term. The Power of Now and Mindfulness offer a temporary experience in the now, but it's all too often the now of ego, rather than the real self. 

The Guide

 If taking a journey makes you feel better, it's because the unconscious mind is able to accept it without fear. In this sense, the journey could be said to work like magic. The Guide, the one who has knowledge of this kind of  magic, merely helps others to contact the magic hidden in their own inner landscape.


...from meaning to healing:

I'm no doctor or therapist, but I know how inner blocks dissolve. Then a new blueprint for life, now based on your personal longing, can be written.