Take the journey through your inner landscape!


This site offers inner journeying online. It also offers a chance to review, and possibly dramatically improve, the effectiveness of your personal spiritual practice. I have experience in both meditation and inner journeying and I wish to make this knowledge available to all, in these complex and  discouraging times.


The Celtic Mysteries offer a path to your real self. However, the more they are approached, the more they seem enveloped by mists of bewilderment that obscure the goal and discourage the merely passive seeker. A secret fire must be kindled to light the path, the fire of longing. The ignition of the traveller's own conscious, inner activity. My task as guide, is to show you the role your imagination can play in exploring your inner landscape, in order to empower your daily life.

The Power of Imagination


Life coaching or spiritual mentoring on their own can only fall short. Life coaching and spiritual mentoring can be temporarily helpful, yet do not offer a permanent solution, in which unconscious guilt hidden in the mind is uncovered and released. The Power of Now, Mindfulness training or Vipassana also fail to deliver long term. The Power of Now and Mindfulness fail to undo the ego permanently. They offer a temporary experience in the now, but it's the now of ego, rather than the permanent presence of your real self. 


The Celtic way calls in your allies from the non-ordinary reality. It uses the power of the mind to choose between the body and (all-encompassing) spirit, our true identity. Nothing else will free you from unconscious views about others, and therefore, yourself.

What's in a name?


If taking a remedy makes you feel better, it's because the unconscious mind is able to accept it without fear. In this sense, the remedy could be said to work like magic. The guide, the one who has knowledge of this kind of  magic, goes by many names in many cultures. Ultimately however, the name is not important. What's important is regaining power; the power to make things real or unreal. 


...from healing to meaning:

I'm no doctor or therapist, but I know how inner blocks dissolve. Then a new blueprint for life, one now based on your personal longing, can be written.