The Order of the Longing Look is a response to the 'dis-ease' of the times, too much given to introspection and self-absorption, regarded by our ancestors as a sickness.


The Order is original in that it brings together the essentials of Shamanic 'inner journeying' and Druidic 'second sight' in what it uniquely calls Shamanic Druidry. To find and know these for ourselves, we must journey through the three Shamanic realms: the Lower, 'Ordinary' and Upper Worlds. 


The Celtic Mysteries offer a path to your real self. However, the more these are approached, the more they seem enveloped by mists of bewilderment that obscure the goal and discourage the merely passive seeker.


A secret fire must be kindled to light the path: the fire of longing. This fire ignites the traveller's own conscious, inner activity. My task as guide is to show how to draw the power of this fire, your deepest longing, into your daily life. All this in the service to spiritual humanity and earth's evolution into higher vibrational states, even beyond all them.


Please be invited to explore the site further - via the three navigation bars top left of each screen page - and feel if fire is kindling in you...