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The Order of the

Longing Look

- Reformed Celtic Buddhism - 




Inner peace, authentic presence, a calm mastery of life:

all desirable, but are they really possible? 

The Order of the Longing Look (OLL)

is a vision for the journey home,

for those longing to

arrive more





Somewhere in our minds we know that this world we live in, is not home to us.. There is a deep and inexpressible longing inside to find and return to our true home. Yet every morning the world we see is still there. We long to be at home in it. To be what we truly are. To generate 'home' right now.


The stress of life can be like a fog in the mind, in which we lose our bearings on this journey home. Our deepest longing has the power to re-set our course, melting away stress from our face. Interpreting situations not according to who we think we are, but according to what we truly are, we can turn the tables on 'adversity' and master it.


The Order of the Longing Look (Reformed Celtic Buddhism) divides its teaching into three legs, like the Triskele symbol. The three realms of ordinary reality, non-ordinary reality, and true reality.






& warriorship



Meditation creates space for the subconscious mind to show itself. It takes the bravery of a warrior to completely open like this, and to face the shadow. This basic human courage goes to the root of the world's problems, as it starts at the only place where change is possible: with yourself.







inner journeying

& unseen allies



Journey into your unique inner landscape and make the the first step towards building a loving relationship with unseen allies, waiting there for you. These journeys can be the start of living a 'connected life', yielding concrete results in 'ordinary reality'.







second sight

& mental health



The Celtic tradition of Anam Cara (lit: soul friend) frameworks the insights gathered in mutual inquiry and spiritual friendship. By re-wiring the mind, we can learn to see beyong the veil of appearances, to the only 'real' reality beyond all visible forms, even those of 'non-ordinary reality'.




As well as teaching online modules, I also make journeys on behalf of others. Windhorse is a diagnostic journey into the inner landscape of another person, which I've learnt directly via my own guides. On returning, I will simply describe what I have seen. If invited, offer an interpretation. Finding some key to the subconscious means spiritual health can be accessed later by yourself.