Celtic School of Buddhism | Shamanic Druidry | Anam Cara 



To get through life, we need values that sustain and inspire us for the road.

Weaving these into an invisible cloak, we wear them with elegance.

The Order of the Longing Look lets see 

the warp and woof of our

native ancestors

the Celts





The Order of the Longing Look is the umbrella title over three areas of learning:


Firstly, it is a Celtic  platform for the ancient tradition of Anam Cara, or "soul friendship". This is a form of accompaniment and sharing along the road to inner peace.


Secondly, it propagates the insights and wisdom of old Druidic lineages, bringing together inner journeying and second sight in what it uniquely calls Shamanic Druidry


Thirdly, the Celtic School of Buddhism teaches how our Celtic ancestors can inspire and enhance traditional Buddhism, to create a legitimate interwoven approach to Buddhist practice where we feel closer to our European roots, and therefore more at home and at ease.


All three branches are distinct, yet sister mind-streams falling under the umbrella of the Order of the Longing Look. I invite you to explore this website and find an entry point that calls to you.


 Your ancestors are waiting to meet you!