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Magick is not going into an 

illusory world to create reality. 

It's going into reality to

re-dream your illusion.





To get through life, we all need values to sustain us on the road. Values woven into an invisible cloak, to be worn with elegance. The Order of the Longing Look shows the warp and woof of this our European wisdom lineage in the following related ways of re-connecting:


Firstly, the tradition of Anam Cara, or "soul friendship" makes for insightful accompaniment and guidance on the complex road to simplicity and peace. Working with Runes can sometimes help.

Secondly, this particular Druidic lineage weaves together inner journeying with second sight, uniquely called Shamanic Druidry. The lessons learned in Shamanic Druidry can then be combined with the most powerful energy of all, Dragon Magick, in a more subtle area of mastery called Dragon Wizardry.

Lastly, running parallel with the above, is meditation practice in the style of the Celtic School of Buddhism. An authentic Celtic cycle of Dharma is now re-emerging, in which shamanic and tantric paradigms merge to bring us closer to our European roots.



All the branches described above fall under the umbrella of the Order of the Longing Look.

I invite you to explore the website and find an entry point that fits.


 Your allies are waiting for you!