Welcome to

The Order of  the Longing Look




The best thing we possess, above all else,

is our longing



Can you still see the wood for the trees? 

Are you master/mistress of your life

wherever you are, whatever you're doing?

Are you losing touch with yourself?



Life has always been just about manageable until now, even though the price was sometimes high. But now some tensions are back, threatening to unbalance.  There is a longing for sanity, for inner peace. Perhaps it's time to take a step back. Back to the basics.


The Longing Look provides insight for new understanding, teaches you how to trust in the unfolding of your current life circumstances, guides you to enter the pathway for true healing, and integrates and applies this spiritual wisdom to daily life. 


The spiritual roots to dis-ease, stress, and discomfort require trained assistance for proper tracking. Through my shamanic connections, I can help you improve your well-being, remain centered in daily life, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, restore your health, live in balance with other people and the environment, protect yourself from negativity, expand your awareness, and ultimately live a fulfilling life on the Earth plane.


Take the time to come back to you


My name is Dru and I offer guidance for the journey into your unique inner landscape to the sound of my drum with its deep and mellow tones. This journey is the first step to leading a life in relationship with your spirit-allies. Your life will potentially never be the same again.


I have had much success with this drum. The sense of security it gives, safeguards the journey into your deepest longing and inspiration - direct contact with your higher, wiser self. You will never feel alone again.


I am experienced as both meditation and inner journey teacher and wish to help others connect with their own innate wisdom by making this journey experience available to all. 

Life coaching or spiritual mentoring 


Life coaching and spiritual mentoring can be temporarily helpful, yet do not offer a permanent solution, in which unconscious obstacles hidden in the mind are uncovered and released.


The 'Power of Now'



The Power of Now, Mindfulness and Vipassana offer a temporary experience in the now, but it's the now of ego, rather than the real self.


Meditation is likewise an excellent practice that can clear past trauma, yet will not on its own undo the ego. Something more is needed. 




"May you have the wisdom to enter generously into your own unease

To discover the new direction your longing wants

you to take.

May the forms of your belonging -- in love, creativity and friendship --

Be equal to the grandeur and the call of your soul."


John O'Donohue

Excerpt from 'For Longing,' BENEDICTUS