Welcome to

The Longing Look




"The eyes are the windows of the soul" 



Has the world, for you, lost its colour?

Can you still see the wood for the trees? 

Are you master/mistress of your life wherever

you are, whatever you're doing?

Or are you losing sight of your path?



Life has always been just about manageable until now, even though the price was sometimes high. But now tensions are back, threatening to unbalance.  You don't understand your own reactions. There is a longing for sanity, for inner peace. Perhaps it's time to take a step back. Back to the basics.


The practices in the Order of the Longing Look (OLL) can shed new light on issues, teach you to trust in the unfolding of your current life circumstances, guide you to enter the pathway to true healing, and apply this innate wisdom to your daily life in a concrete and practical way. Key to this is how we look, how we see.


The roots to dis-ease, stress, and discomfort require trained assistance for proper tracking. Thanks to my spirit allies, I can help you improve your well-being, remain centered in daily life, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, restore your health, live in balance with other people and the environment, protect yourself from negativity, expand your awareness, and ultimately live a fulfilling life on the Earth. Moreover I can help you find your own spirit helpers and develop a relationship with them that could change your life.


Take time out to come back to you


My name is Dru and I offer guidance for the journey into your unique inner landscape to the sound of my drum with its deep and mellow tones. This journey is the first step to leading a life in relationship with your spirit-allies. Your life will potentially never be the same again.


I have had much success with this drum. The feeling of security it extends, safeguards the journey into your deepest longing and inspiration - direct contact with your higher, wiser self. You need never feel alone again. And your eye will be cleared to see better and look with love and compassion.


I am experienced as both meditation and inner journey teacher and wish to help others connect with their own innate wisdom by making this journey available to all.