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The Longing Look

"The eyes are the windows..." 




Inner peace, inner strength, authentic presence and mastery in life,

are all desirable qualities, but how to get there? 

The Longing Look is for such hearts' desires, hearts longing

for authenticity, to make the return journey home.



Are you ready to take the path

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This world we seem to live in, is not home to us. Somewhere in our minds we know that this is true. There is a deep and inexpressible longing to go home, yet every morning the world is still there. We long to be truly ourselves in it. To be what we truly are. To manifest 'home' right now.


But the stress of life can be like a fog in the mind, in which we lose our bearings. Our deepest longing has the power to re-set our course and melt away the stress from our face. It can turn the tables on life, interpreting it not according to who we think we are, but according to what we truly are


"Saving power is gaining power." There are many tried and tested paths to re-gaining our power. Three entry points are offered here:





& unseen allies



Journey into your unique inner landscape and make the the first step towards building a loving relationship with unseen allies, waiting there for you. These journeys can be the start of living a 'connected life', yielding concrete results in 'ordinary reality'.




& warriorship



Formless meditation and silent walking are the core practice of centuries of Oriental wisdom. Meditation is openness, to yourself and the world. It asks for the courage of a warrior. The reward is alignment with your inner being, melting away stress, and cleansing your eyes to look with second sight.





& mental health



"Where does the world come from?" "What is the meaning of life?" Asking the fundamental questions about life can lead you to clarity and a different perspective of life. Mastery of awareness can be enhanced by the insights gathered in mutual inquiry and Socratic questioning.