Mastering the Merlin | Shamanic Druidry



To get through life, we need values that sustain and inspire us for the road.

Weaving these into an invisible cloak, we wear them with elegance.

The Order of the Longing Look lets see 

the warp and woof of 

the Merlin





The Order of the Longing Look propagates the teaching of the Merlin lineage. It brings together Shamanic 'inner journeying' and Druidic 'second sight' in what it uniquely calls Shamanic Druidry.


"Accomplishment" in this school, means to live with a two-fold mastery. Mastery in looking, when we always look without judging, in order to see beyond the veil. And mastery of a "connected life" in which we no longer feel alone or a victim.


We now rely upon our personal spirit-allies, discovered in the three worlds of the World Tree. In developing a loving relationship with these Merlin energies, they enter into our ordinary lives to guide and support us.


And that is where the magic begins...