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The Longing Look

"The eyes are the windows..." 




Are you master or mistress of your life?

Do you even know what that means?



Up to now, life has been just about manageable, even though the price was sometimes high. But stress is now creeping back again, threatening to unbalance. Life is constantly coming at you, pushing you around. There is a longing for sanity, for inner peace. So perhaps it's time to take a step back: back to the basics.


The Longing Look can teach you to trust in the unfolding of your life-circumstances, and use your innate wisdom to interpret what is happening in your life right now in a positive and practical way. Turning the tables on stress, is the path to mastery.





& Celtic shamanism



Shamanic journeying is the exploration of your own unique inner landscape. This journey is the first step to contacting your personal spirit-allies. Leading a "connected life" in relationship with these, you may come to never feel alone again.




& meditation



Formless meditation and silent walking form the core practice of centuries of Buddhist wisdom. With the insights of modern science and self-enquiry,  they can return you to alignment with your inner being, melt away stress, and cleanse the eyes to look with second sight.



& updating imprints



 IEMT (Intergral Eye Movement Therapy) covers emotional and identity imprints that may simply need updating. This direct and effective tool seeks to answer the question, "How did we learn to be this way?"